Covington Realty Services, INC.


Covington Realty Services, Inc. is a property management and development company with over twenty years of experience in the rapidly changing and complex real estate market of New York City.

We provide monthly management reports that allow for easy tracking of the financial status of the building as well as formulation of a comprehensive fiscal year budget.

Our wide range of experience includes property management, development and real estate finance. We have built strong relationships with the key industry leaders in the real estate and banking industries allowing us to navigate daily complexities of property management and keep your costs low.


We Believe in Proactive Management


At Covington Realty Services, Inc. we believe in proactive management. The majority of problems within a building whether financial or structural can be foreseen before they become an unwanted expense.

We would be delighted to meet with your board to discuss the advantages of Covington Realty Services managing your building. Contact us today!


What we do


• Billing, rent and maintenance collection

• Annual budgets, corporate and payroll taxes

• Building payroll in conjunction with payroll services

• Preventative maintenance programs

• Reporting and registration to government agencies

• Supervision of building personnel 

• Assist building owners with capital project financing

• Monitor capital projects

• Rental agent for residential and commercial leases